Do you have trouble hearing the things around you?

Over 40 million Americans live with hearing loss, most of those from age related hearing loss. Many years ago, amplification was the key to improving hearing loss however it did not address the key component in improving your ability to better understand speech; your brain.

What is hearing loss?

Sound waves enter the ear, move down the ear or auditory canal, and hit the eardrum, causing a vibration. This vibration from the eardrum passes to three bones known as the ossicles found in middle ear. These bones amplify the vibrations, which are then picked up by small hair-like cells in the cochlea. The cochlea begins to move as the vibrations hit them, and the movement data is sent through the auditory nerve to the brain. The brain processes the data and translates this data into what we know as sound.

It has been said that we hear with our brains and not our ears. The brain is the central system to translate noise or speech into something that you can understand. In the past 3 years, significant breakthroughs in technology have made it possible to not just make things louder, but translate the sounds around you into understanding.

The results have been astounding:

There are so many health benefits that come with the proper treatment of your hearing loss. It all starts with a complimentary consolation, click the link down below.